One Incredible Talent... Two Incredible Shows!

TRIBUTE TO THE KING: Travis invites fans to experience Elvis Presley in the 1960s, before the jumpsuits, when he was still in his prime. Fans will hear the King’s hits from the 1950s and 1960s and the best songs from Elvis’ movies during that time. This isn’t some caricature or over-the-top impersonation that you’d find at a backyard barbecue – it’s an authentic and tasteful show that the whole family can enjoy. It’s worthy of a showroom in Vegas!

Travis is known for his energetic show and his audience interaction makes everyone feel as if they have a front seat to the show. His humor, talent and personality keep audiences coming back again and again.

SUN AND THE STARS: Travis brings together the artists of Sun Records: Presley, Cash, Orbison, Lewis, Perkins and more. Hear the hits that made these legends who they are as Travis works the stage and audience in a truly engaging performance. It’s the same look, style, sound and humor that people have come to expect from Travis but with a more diverse pool of music to choose from.

Travis’ musical abilities shine as he strums that guitar to “Folsom Prison” and pounds on the piano to “Great Balls of Fire”! This show includes original music written by Travis Ledoyt that fits in perfectly with the show, like the opening song “Sun and the Stars”!

"This guy is just amazing!"
Charlie Chase
TV Personality
“The first time we, The Jordanaires, worked with Travis, sincerity, honesty and being down to earth struck us the very moment we met.  He had the pure talent to do what he set out to do and his look completed the right combination to communicate the music of a man we loved so much.   Elvis would be proud to see this man who can emulate him without losing himself.  God Bless Travis.”
Ray Walker
Bass Vocalist for the Jordanaires
"Of all the people I've seen doing Elvis material, this boy is more like him than anybody I have seen!"
WS Holland
Drummer for Johnny Cash
"Travis was like meeting Elvis all over again."
Marshall Lytle
Bass Player - Bill Haley's Comets
"I met Elvis Presley when he was a young man and Travis is almost exactly like him." 
Little Richard
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
"This is as close as you're going to get to seeing an Elvis Presley concert in the 50's"
DJ Fontana
Elvis' drummer in the 50s